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Georgia Department of Community Affairs

TAC has assisted the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) with permanent supportive housing strategic planning with the goal of assisting state officials to meet the terms and conditions outlined in a 2010 Olmstead Settlement Agreement between the State of Georgia and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). TAC assisted the state to identify a combination of program modifications and potential new funding sources to help create as many as 2,599 new affordable housing opportunities for persons covered through the Settlement Agreement through 2015. TAC also assisted Georgia to become the first state in the country to obtain approval from HUD to set-aside Housing Choice Vouchers (HCVs) - 100 Housing Choice Vouchers in FY2012 and 500 vouchers per year in FY2013 through FY2015 - for Olmstead-class individuals covered by the Settlement Agreement.

TAC also worked with DCA and the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) to create a partnership that will facilitate the transition of individuals from DBHDD's state-funded bridge subsidy program to the DCA HCV set-aside. DCA also set-aside $1,000,000 of HOME assistance in FY 2013, in part, to provide up to two years of tenant-based rental assistance (TBRA) to eligible Money Follows the Person (MFP) participants until they can receive funding through DCA's HCV program.