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Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene

TAC conducted an assessment of current housing and community service programs in Maryland on behalf of the Maryland Mental Hygiene Administration (MHA) as part of its mental health system Transformation State Incentive Grant (TSIG). TAC evaluated current practices in both the community mental health and affordable housing systems, and formulated recommendations to: (a) enhance the recovery and self-sufficiency of people with serious mental illness through best practice services approaches; (b) expand the supply of affordable permanent supportive housing for priority consumers; and (c) facilitate transitions from inpatient and residential treatment settings into permanent supportive housing. TAC worked with MHA to implement service delivery and reimbursement mechanisms to foster expansion of community services and supports to assist people who are homeless or living inappropriately in institutional settings and developed recommendations to expand community-based crisis response services and other crisis diversion resources to reduce the numbers of people with mental illness in general and state hospitals.