Analyzing and Addressing Inequities in Behavioral Health Services Access in Minnesota

At the request of the Minnesota Department of Human Services, TAC conducted a review and analysis of service design and funding options for improved services to adults and children. This project included extensive document review, on site visits with key stakeholders, and meetings with behavioral health leadership. TAC’s analysis identified statewide inequities in access to services and produced recommendations to achieve greater consistency in the types and quality of services provided for persons with mental illness. The study also recommended strategies for placing greater emphasis on services to children, adolescents, and their families, and for achieving better integrated services among child serving agencies. To ensure the most efficient and effective expenditure of resources across multiple funding streams, and to foster greater consumer choice, TAC’s report identified methods to further promote the use of evidence-based practices, and recommended the development of promising and emerging practices that reflect the unique strengths and needs of Minnesota’s treatment systems.

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