Assessing Louisiana’s Community-Based Services and Supports for People with Serious Mental Illness

In June of 2018, the State of Louisiana entered into a Settlement Agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to transition or divert individuals with mental illness from nursing facilities by expanding the array of community-based services. As a Subject Matter Expert under this Agreement, TAC is working with the Human Services Research Institute to conduct a needs assessment that will identify the services and supports required for people with mental illness to safely transition from nursing homes to a community setting; determine the adequacy of community-based services and supports for these individuals; and more broadly evaluate the adequacy of services and supports for Louisianans with serious mental illness. The needs assessment will draw on key informant interviews; claims and other service utilization data; information about the capacity of and access to behavioral health services; as well as demographics of the community, the Medicaid population, and behavioral health service users. Our final report will include a set of actionable, measurable, prioritized recommendations for addressing gaps and a road map for effectively implementing those recommendations.

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