Medicaid Institute for Supportive Housing Agencies in Connecticut

TAC assisted the Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) to develop and launch a Medicaid institute for supportive housing agencies (MISHA) in the State of Connecticut. Representatives from selected supportive housing agencies participated in seven full-day sessions to learn about topics including: the range of Medicaid services and programs supportive housing providers are or may become eligible to provide; service model and primary care/prevention approaches; Medicaid eligibility processes and how agencies can assist participants to become eligible and maintain Medicaid eligibility; assessing needs and impact of Medicaid coverage for populations not previously covered; conducting agency self-assessments to determine if they should become a Medicaid provider or a referring/supporting organization; successful approaches to being full service partners with Medicaid providers for the benefit of supportive housing participants; and developing business plans to either become Medicaid billable organizations or form strategic partnerships with Medicaid providers in order to increase supportive housing services capacity.

Separately, TAC worked with CSH to conduct an analysis of current service use and feasibility for changes to the state’s Medicaid plan and waivers, which led to the development of policy recommendations for Medicaid financing of services for persons who are candidates for supportive housing in the state.

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