Kappy Madenwald, M.S.W.

Kappy Madenwald, M.S.W., has more than 20 years of clinical and administrative experience in behavioral health. She has extensive experience in mobile, community-based, and hospital-based delivery and management of crisis intervention services. Ms. Madenwald specializes in the design, implementation, and evaluation of person-centered service delivery systems — including comprehensive state and community crisis systems — that are integrated at a systems and direct care level, are delivered in a fashion that promotes self-direction and recovery, are least restrictive/least intensive in nature, and that are designed to assure timely and purposeful movement through care. Ms. Madenwald has worked directly on state-level service planning and implementation initiatives in Massachusetts, Maryland, Iowa, North Carolina, and Georgia, and at the regional/local level in Oregon, Pennsylvania, and California. She has provided direct technical assistance to county, regional, and local authorities and nonprofit organizations throughout the United States. Ms. Madewald was a principal contributor to TAC’s monograph A Community-Based Comprehensive Psychiatric Crisis Response System (TAC 2005).