Continuums of Care & System Planning

Since 2012, TAC has advised various Continuums of Care (CoCs) how to ensure their homeless crisis response systems comply with best practices and program requirements at local and federal levels.

Through a comprehensive Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), TAC consultants help stakeholders and planning committees of CoCs evaluate data on system resources, capacity, and flow, so that they can set up accountable governance structures, develop effective strategic plans, and monitor their implementation by concrete performance measures.

Infographic of Crisis System Design Flow

TAC works closely with CoCs to design, implement, and evaluate Coordinated Entry (CE) systems that account for racial disparities, incorporate feedback from people with lived experience of homelessness, provide vulnerable populations with a standardized pathway to permanent housing, and improve system flow, so that individuals and families can find housing quickly.

Areas of Expertise

  • Expanding the role of people with lived experience in resource allocation
  • Using Dynamic System Prioritization to restructure standards for program access
  • Using data to conduct system mapping and make program and resource allocation decisions
  • Establishing CE systems that prioritize the most vulnerable
  • Bringing CoC organization and CE systems into compliance with HUD requirements
  • Facilitating mergers of two or more CoCs to strengthen overall homeless system response
  • Monitoring CoC grants for compliance with CoC Interim Rule
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