Assessing Medicaid Feasibility for Permanent Supportive Housing Services

At the request of the Indiana Permanent Supportive Housing Initiative (IPSHI) – led by the Indiana Community and Housing Development Authority, the Indiana Department of Social Services, Office of Medicaid Planning and Policy, the Division of Mental Health and Addictions and the Corporation for Supportive Housing – TAC developed the program design and determined the feasibility of utilizing Medicaid Rehabilitation Option services as the principal services funding source for the state’s 1,100 unit PSH initiative. TAC developed a crosswalk of housing requirements and principles with Medicaid program standards and requirements, and an analysis of projected Medicaid eligibility and enrollment, cost, and utilization estimates by intensity and frequency of services. Based on this analysis, it was determined that Indiana’s PSH approach could rely on Medicaid as a major fund source in the future. TAC also assisted IPSHI with the implementation of this plan.

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