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  • Optimizing Recovery Funding, Volume 2: Strategies for State Funding of Recovery Support Services

    Homelessness | Mental Health & Substance Use | Report | Publication | February 2023

    In partnership with the Peer Recovery Center of Excellence, TAC conducted a baseline analysis of state funding on recovery support services, highlighting strengths and obstacles to spending and support for this critical component of the SUD care continuum.

  • Olmstead at 20: Using the Vision of Olmstead to Decriminalize Mental Illness

    Mental Health & Substance Use | Olmstead & Community Integration | Report | Publication | February 2020

    Thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court's historic Olmstead decision 20 years ago, many more people with mental illness now live in integrated, community-based settings rather than in psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes, or large board and care facilities. Yet for far too many people with mental illness who end up…

  • Review of State Strategies to Expand Medication-Assisted Treatment

    Medicaid | Mental Health & Substance Use | Report | Publication | July 2019

    This report is intended to support state Medicaid agencies and payers in improving access to substance use disorder treatment, with a special focus on medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorder. With support from Arnold Ventures, TAC and partners conducted a review of state activities that have significantly increased…

  • State Approaches to Developing the Residential Treatment Continuum for Substance Use Disorders

    Medicaid | Mental Health & Substance Use | Report | Publication | March 2019

    Learn how state Medicaid agencies are taking action to expand the continuum of care available to Medicaid recipients with substance use disorders - and how they are meeting the challenges that come with this newly expanded coverage. With the support of Arnold Ventures, TAC conducted interviews in five states…

  • Southern Nevada Plan to End Youth Homelessness

    Homelessness | Report | Publication | December 2018

    In 2017, Southern Nevada experienced the third highest rate of unaccompanied youth homelessness in the nation. The community recognized the urgent need for a dedicated response to this crisis, and TAC was hired to facilitate the planning process and ultimately draft the first ever Southern Nevada Plan to End…

  • Exploring Value-Based Payment to Encourage Substance Use Disorder Treatment in Primary Care

    Medicaid | Mental Health & Substance Use | Report | Publication | June 2018

    Expanding the capacity and ability of primary care providers to assess and treat substance use disorders is critical. With support from the Melville Charitable Trust, TAC and the Center for Health Care Strategies conducted interviews with stakeholders to understand how value-based payment (VBP) levers can be used to encourage…