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  • Effective Behavioral Health Crisis Care for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness

    Issue Brief | Publication | August 2020

    This paper explores issues in the design and implementation of core crisis system components, with specific consideration of the needs of homeless people.

  • Addressing Substance Use in Behavioral Health Crisis Care: A Companion Resource to the SAMHSA Crisis Toolkit

    Issue Brief | Publication | August 2020

    Substance use disorders cannot be an afterthought in our approach to crisis care. F Fourth in the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors (NASMHPD) series "Beyond Beds: Crisis Services," this brief This report highlight states and programs that are demonstrating success integrating substance use disorders in the three…

  • Olmstead at 20: Using the Vision of Olmstead to Decriminalize Mental Illness

    Report | Publication | February 2020

    Thanks to the historic Olmstead decision 20 years ago, many more people with mental illness now live in integrated, community-based settings rather than in psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes, or large board and care facilities. Yet for far too many people with mental illness who end up unnecessarily in jails…

  • A Community-Based Comprehensive Psychiatric Crisis Response Service

    Manual | Publication | October 2012

    This manual is a tool that can be used by any individual or group considering developing a new psychiatric crisis service delivery system, expanding an existing crisis service system, or improving the effectiveness of an existing system. (2005)