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  • Exploring Value-Based Payment to Encourage Substance Use Disorder Treatment in Primary Care

    Report | Publication | February 2020

    Expanding the capacity and ability of primary care providers to assess and treat substance use disorders is critical. With support from the Melville Charitable Trust, TAC and the Center for Health Care Strategies conducted interviews with stakeholders to understand how value-based payment (VBP) levers can be used to encourage…

  • State Strategies to Expand Medication-Assisted Treatment

    Report | Publication | February 2020

    This report is intended to support state Medicaid agencies and payers in improving access to substance use disorder treatment, with a special focus on medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorder. With support from Arnold Ventures, TAC and partners conducted a review of state activities that have significantly increased…

  • Connecting with Medicaid: Strategies and Options for Providers of Substance Use Services

    Issue Brief | Publication | October 2012

    With the role of Medicaid as a purchaser of substance use treatment services greatly expanding as a result of national health reform, substance use providers will need to become familiar with the Medicaid program and the opportunities that exist for providing Medicaid funded substance use treatment services. This brief…