Systems Alignment TA &
Consultation Services

The SAIH team can provide free consultation and technical assistance to practice-based organizations with promising ideas for systems alignment solutions, helping these organizations assess and improve the readiness of their ideas for research testing. Practice-based organizations include community-based nonprofits, public agencies, professional associations, and advocacy organizations that are uniquely positioned to develop new ideas for systems alignment, but could benefit from additional resources and supports to plan and implement strong research designs to determine the impact of their ideas on health — and on health equity.


Technical Assistance and Consultation Services May Include:

  • Exploring how to refine your systems alignment idea using existing evidence from completed studies
  • Developing a rationale for proof-of-concept research and pilot testing of a new systems alignment idea
  • Addressing logistical issues including strategies to secure implementation funding
  • Assessing the “evaluability” of your systems alignment idea, including the ability to measure important outcomes such as system-level change and impact on health equity and racial equity
  • Developing strategies for rigorous research testing, including the use of relevant data sources, measures, sampling methods, comparison groups, analytic methods, and community engagement strategies

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