Alicia Woodsby, M.S.W.

Headshot of Alicia Woodsby

Alicia Woodsby (she, her, hers) has 15 years of experience leading statewide public policy initiatives, building statewide coalitions and cross-system and sector partnerships, developing housing and services solutions for vulnerable and complex populations including those experiencing serious housing instability and homelessness, and working to scale best practices.

Ms. Woodsby was the Executive Director of the Partnership for Strong Communities, the statewide thought leader and backbone organization for the collective impact effort to end homelessness in Connecticut. In her leadership roles at the Partnership for Strong Communities, she led the statewide Reaching Home Campaign, which played a major role in Connecticut’s being named the first state to end chronic homelessness among Veterans, the second state to meet the federal definition of ending Veteran homelessness, and dramatically reducing chronic homelessness by more than 60 percent. These efforts resulted in a substantial increase in the state’s stock of supportive and affordable housing and a streamlined system for addressing the long-term homelessness of people with disabilities. During her time as the Public Policy Director for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) in Connecticut, Ms. Woodsby led a statewide mental health advocacy coalition, and took a lead on issues related to Medicaid, medication access, mental health parity, housing, and decriminalization, among others. She has conducted multiple presentations on mental health policy, housing, and homelessness at the state level and nationally.