The Systems Alignment Innovation Hub

The Systems Alignment Innovation Hub (SAIH) is a nationwide project funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and launched in November 2022 to help medical, social service, and public health providers in low-income and BIPOC communities dismantle inequities and improve health and well-being for all.

Through SAIH, TAC and its partners at the Human Services Research Institute will help practice-based organizations in communities to both prepare their new systems alignment ideas for rigorous, research-based testing, and make use of existing studies to achieve systems alignment in their own settings. This will help position them to receive targeted research funding and expand the evidence base for solutions that align financing and delivery systems across sectors to improve health outcomes and reduce racial and social disparities.

SAIH is supported by RWJF’s Systems for Action Research Program, which is building a Culture of Health by rigorously testing new ways of connecting the nation’s fragmented medical, social service, and public health systems. The program supports research teams from across the United States in conducting scientific studies that evaluate the implementation and impact of novel approaches to systems alignment.

With the support of the Systems for Action program office, based within the Colorado School of Public Health, and our partners at the Human Services Research Institute, SAIH will provide:

  • Technical assistance and consultation to organizations with innovative systems alignment ideas
  • A peer learning network to assist practice-based organizations in refining their ideas
  • Targeted research funding for selected organizations
  • Tools, guides and resources for dissemination to support these efforts

To learn more about SAIH, read our project launch press release or contact the project manager, Rachel Post, at

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