Housing and Healthy Communities Peer Learning Network

Through a grant from the Melville Charitable Trust, TAC has provided hospital system leaders with two 6-month rounds of peer-to-peer learning opportunities on innovative partnerships to expand affordable housing and services for high-need, high-cost patient populations. As hospital and health systems demonstrate a growing recognition of the powerful ways health outcomes are improved by access to safe and affordable housing, they are eager to learn from successful hospital-housing partnerships around the country. Through the Housing and Healthy Communities Learning Network, TAC shared subject matter expertise with participating hospitals on making the case for housing investments targeted to those with complex health and behavioral health conditions; opportunities to leverage hospital resources for housing investments and partnerships with community-based housing and health care organizations; building multi-hospital partnerships; examining housing investment challenges; making investments that promote health equity and are consistent with fair housing standards; and identifying short- and long-term investment performance measures aligned with hospital mission.

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