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NLIHC Releases Report on Housing Stability among Veterans

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) recently released Housing Instability among Our Veterans, a report showing the characteristics and housings needs of veterans.  The report uses data from the 2011 American Community Survey (ACS) to examine the characteristics and housing needs of veterans compared to those of non-veterans.  Also analyzed are particular subgroups of veterans to see if there are some veterans who are more likely to face a housing cost burden than others.

Key findings show that veterans who are racial minorities, females, who have a disability, and veterans who served after September 11, 2001 have the greatest housing cost burden, placing them at risk of homelessness.  The report also finds that extremely low income female-headed veteran families are just as likely as married veteran families to experience housing cost burden and that almost 90% of veterans who served after September 11, 2001 paid more than half of their incomes in housing costs.

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