Systems Alignment Research and Activities

Webinars, interactive tools, policy recommendations, and a wide range of publications produced or co-produced by subject matter experts.

Systems Alignment
Innovation Hub

The Systems Alignment Innovation Hub is a project of Systems for Action (S4A), the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s signature research program that aims to discover and apply new evidence about ways of aligning the delivery and financing systems that support a Culture of Health. Over the coming months, the Innovation Hub will add to a robust array of S4A offerings which already includes:

Research-in Progress Webinars

The Systems for Action Research-In-Progress webinar series enables investigators whose awards are in process or completed to share their work and disseminate findings rapidly, and to identify others with related research interests.

Targeted Research Funding Awards Announced

Learn about SAIH's first round of grants to four innovative community-based projects. SAIH provides financial support and technical assistance for 18 months, with the goal of preparing grantees to pursue pilot funding at the end of the award period.