Strategic Supportive Housing Planning in Alaska

The Alaska Mental Health Trust, in partnership with the state’s Department of Behavioral Health, engaged TAC in 2015 to develop a Strategic Supportive Housing Plan. TAC conducted a review of the state’s existing affordable housing resources and programs through federal, state, and other funding mechanisms; assessed how housing and services resources were arranged and leveraged; and offered action steps for improvements. We provided consultation on evidence-based practices and successful state structures to support home- and community-based services that promote recovery, well-being, and community integration.

Extending our experience in the state, TAC was engaged by Fairbanks, AK, a city whose need for supportive housing is amplified by its remote rural and frontier location and extreme arctic conditions. In December 2017, TAC facilitated the Fairbanks Symposium on Homelessness, with the goal of generating momentum toward a community planning strategy.

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