Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program Implementation

TAC is one of the lead U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) technical assistance providers for YHDP, working with 14 communities over the last five rounds. One of the first activities of a YHDP engagement is a needs assessment in the community. During this phase, TAC works with communities to identify relevant data sources, focus on important data elements for review, and present them to a variety of community stakeholders. To pull together a cohesive representation of youth experiencing homelessness, TAC works with system stakeholders, such as child welfare, juvenile justice, schools, and the homeless system, who operate within different data systems. Additionally, TAC works with communities to identify key stakeholders for interviews, as well as focus groups with youth and young adults. TAC also works closely with local Youth Action Boards (YABs) to ensure that youth voice is represented throughout the needs assessment process.

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