Rashema Melson

Headshot of Rashema Melson

Rashema Melson is the epitome of “From Adversity to Abundance,” with over a decade of experiencing homelessness to successfully helping others transform their lives. She is the CEO of Pain Into PURPOSE, a Black Woman Owned Business that helps to motivate others to embrace their trauma, find their lost hope, and transform it into their purpose. Working on an individual and institutional level, including: life coaching, motivational speaking, and utilizing consulting expertise to organizations and communities. Influencing and operating in speciality areas such as strategic and development planning, racial equity coaching, cultural humility training and support, project management, community bridging and outreach, and more. She is also the founder of the Melson Foundation, whose mission is to provide knowledge, accessibility, and tools to assist families, and individuals who were birthed into generational poverty and generational trauma to overcome their barriers and assist them in achieving financial freedom and generational wealth.