Boston, MA Continuum of Care

TAC provides comprehensive support to the Boston CoC to strengthen its ability to address the needs of homeless individuals and families. TAC works with Boston to expand its inclusion of people with lived experience in both the planning and leadership bodies of its CoC. TAC has helped Boston to design and implement a coordinated entry system with the capacity to pivot in response to new data or new crises, such as COVID-19. TAC developed and led clinics on landlord engagement and progressive engagement strategies, and facilitated a multi-day, interactive workshop for participants to learn from peers and plan their own strategies using tools, templates, and group discussion. To mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in the homeless population, TAC has supported Boston in the design of flexible, innovative rapid rehousing (RRH) models, including scaled RRH partnerships to quickly respond to disaster settings, shallow subsidies, and service-rich models for high-acuity participants.

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