Rebecca Boss, M.A.

Headshot of Rebecca Boss

Rebecca Boss is a highly regarded leader of behavioral health care and developmental disabilities services with special expertise in addiction and recovery solutions. At TAC, Ms. Boss engages with federal, state, and philanthropic organizations to promote effective responses to the evolving needs of the behavioral health care system. Prior to joining TAC, she served as the Chief Operating Officer, Vice President of Strategic Development for CODAC Behavioral Healthcare, a large nonprofit provider specializing in treatment of opioid use disorder in the state of Rhode Island. While at CODAC, Ms. Boss also served as a consultant to TAC, working on projects focused primarily on substance use disorders, including with the National Governors Association’s Learning Collaborative focused on Strengthening Substance Use Disorder Systems of Care.

Prior to CODAC, Ms. Boss spent 15 years in state government, including as director of the Rhode Island Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals (BHDDH) where she had oversight of the state’s publicly funded system for people with mental illness, substance use disorders, and developmental disabilities. Among her achievements were the management, design and delivery of statewide efforts for medication-assisted treatment expansion, developing national behavioral health integrated care models, and expanding recovery outreach programs. Wellness, recovery, and parity were consistent themes of her leadership as she advanced efforts to promote inclusion and to eliminate fear and discrimination directed toward individuals living with behavioral health conditions.

Recent Publications

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